Melinda Lewis has a PhD in American Culture Studies. She knows more celebrity gossip than basic math and watches too much television.


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  • Surfing the SatelliteSurfing the Satellite Satellite TV in Jordan, I discovered on my recent trip there, is a chaotic pleasure. When my American friends talk about watching it, taxiing home after a long day, there’s a little dread […]
  • Like Nothing Else on WheelsLike Nothing Else on Wheels A couple of weeks ago I woke up on a friend’s couch with an entire posse of clown dolls staring at me from the mantel as if they knew, and did not approve of, my character. My friend’s […]
  • Cheddar Suns over Lettuce MountainsCheddar Suns over Lettuce Mountains We’ll go to Del Taco, And order something macho. And when your lips go down to take a bite, Your face is covered in food but it’s alright, You know it’s gonna be good, you and me […]


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