Byshera Williams is a Pre-Junior English Major at Drexel University and the current Assistant Editor for The Smart Set.


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  • Welcome to the Gabinetto SegretoWelcome to the Gabinetto Segreto In the 19th century, visitors to the grand museums of Europe often had their own private agenda. What they really wanted to see were the so-called Secret Cabinets. The first and most […]
  • Afternoon Reading: Pluto (of course), Steadman’s birds, rereading with NabokovAfternoon Reading: Pluto (of course), Steadman’s birds, rereading with Nabokov If you haven't seen the photos of Pluto, go look at them. If you have, go look again. The NYT has packaged them beautifully. Also: how Pluto changed how we saw the solar system, and why […]
  • The Laughing DramThe Laughing Dram If you delight in partaking of a dram of whisky, you likely delight in what I think of as whisky extracurriculars. There are some foods and drinks for which savoring them directly is the […]


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