Acts of Confession

A video essay in nine parts.



Act One: First Kiss I went to Christian camp a wayward duck; Mandy the Harlot was waiting.

Act Two: Baby Birds
What would you do for the love of a hot poetess?


Act Three: Tent
The perfect plan for teenage seduction.

Act Four: Sandwich
How to steal from the grocer in six simple steps.

Act Five: Diplomat
First date — near disaster.

Act Six: First Time
One word: condoms.

Act Seven: Duluth
The perfect vacation destination.

Act Eight: Swizzle Stick
The most stupid relationship argument. Ever.

Act Nine: Love Train
Can’t get off.

Dave Mondy is an award-winning travel writer, as well as the writer/performer of many one-person shows. His production “This Love Train Is Unstoppable and I am the Conductor” won the Best Solo Comedy award at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. His monologues have appeared on Minnesota Public Radio, and he has penned scripts for Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion. As an actor, Dave shills for corporations like Kemps and Best Buy.


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