Recently by Julius Ferraro:

This year, the Walker Art Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has centered its 41st annual film series on the concept of time.

It’s curated around Christian Marclay’s The Clock, which won Marclay (who is credited with the invention of “turntablism” and has collaborated with Sonic Youth) the Golden Lion Award for best artist at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

The Clock is a 24-hour-long cinematic collage of clips from thousands of movies, each clip dealing with time. The piece itself is a clock: clips are strung together with real-time mania, so that if you start the film at midnight and watch it straight through, each of the thousands of clocks and watches shown will display your time.

Julius Ferraro is a theater writer in Philadelphia. He has contributed to publications such as Paperclips 215, Phindie, and The Broad Street Review.