Melinda Lewis has a PhD in American Culture Studies. She knows more celebrity gossip than basic math and watches too much television.


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  • Forgive Some SinnerForgive Some Sinner Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis had just beaten a suddenly old Mike Tyson that evening at The Pyramid, and now Dad and I were back in the courtyard of our hotel in suburban Memphis, far […]
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  • Afternoon Reading: Pluto (of course), Steadman’s birds, rereading with NabokovAfternoon Reading: Pluto (of course), Steadman’s birds, rereading with Nabokov If you haven't seen the photos of Pluto, go look at them. If you have, go look again. The NYT has packaged them beautifully. Also: how Pluto changed how we saw the solar system, and why […]


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