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  • You (Not) Talkin’ to Me?You (Not) Talkin’ to Me? Bernardo Bertolucci once told me that I became an actor to get out certain emotions that I couldn’t get out in life. And I thought about that for a long time and, uh, uh, uh…um…uh…I think […]
  • Long Live the King of PopLong Live the King of Pop For many performers, top billing at the county fair is as good as the comeback trail ever gets. Michael Jackson had bigger ambitions. Two years ago, London's Daily Mail reported that the […]
  • END…END…ENDEND…END…END Just now, after I pressed "quick min" twice, I turned away. That's too long to stand, watching the countdown. I can't stomach letting 120 seconds pass while I gaze, mindless, at the clock. […]


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