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  • Over the TopOver the Top   Call it a perk of the recession. Or maybe just another example of how our quality of life is diminishing in these troubled times. A topless cafe has opened in the […]
  • Vanessa Place Vs. AWP, Woody Allen, and moreVanessa Place Vs. AWP, Woody Allen, and more Just as the controversy over PEN America’s award to Charlie Hebdo recedes into the distance a new issue has erupted over at AWP concerning the placement of Vanessa Place on a subcommittee. […]
  • Turducken, Meet Your MatchTurducken, Meet Your Match The Ethiopian cooks had two antelopes brought in from the zoo. They gutted, skinned, and roasted them in spices and butter. Twenty turkeys — stuffed with herbs and bread — were thrust into […]


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