Byshera Williams is a Junior English Major at Drexel University and the current Associate Editor for The Smart Set.


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  • Sound SalvationSound Salvation Each section of this piece is accompanied by song. Press play and crank it.I stumbled out of the wormhole that was the first few weeks of freshman year and landed at a new member meeting […]
  • A Soft-Adventure ShipwreckA Soft-Adventure Shipwreck As the ship sank I smirked. At the time I thought it wasn’t appreciated by the panicked crew members and passengers I was assisting onto rescue boats, but I couldn’t help it. Each addition […]
  • The Second Sex, the Second TimeThe Second Sex, the Second Time Last month, anthropologist Helen Fisher opened a speech at the Economic Summit in Davos with, “I am definitely not a feminist.” The irony of the situation was lost on her apparently. The […]


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