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  • Leaving, and Entering, and Leaving, and Entering Las VegasLeaving, and Entering, and Leaving, and Entering Las Vegas In 1952, a local salesman named Ted Rogich decided that Las Vegas needed a roadside sign that would welcome visitors to the city. In the postwar years of the American Southwest, highways […]
  • The Face of the EarthThe Face of the Earth On the day we went to see the Great Serpent Mound, the rain plunged from the sky. Lightning shot down to the cornfields and made the cornfields roar. Everything was dark. Guides recommend […]
  • PreventionPrevention Once, because I’m a sloppy packer, I almost poisoned myself to death by inserting a tampon covered in DEET insect repellant. It brought me the closest I have ever felt to death, and in […]


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