There’s nothing the comics industry likes so much as licensed material. Why go to the trouble of coming up with your own ideas when there are so many established ones just begging to be displayed in some sort of visual sequence? The very first comic books, after all, were just a collection of repackaged newspaper comic strips.

The love for licensing is even stronger now that pop culture nostalgia has proven to be a ginormous money maker (see just about anything playing at your local cinema). Take a trip to the comics store and you’ll find scores of titles based off such properties as Jem and the Holograms, My Little Pony, Ghostbusters, Voltron, Power Rangers, Fraggle Rock, Robocop, and so much, much more.

Sometimes these comics are straight up garbage. Sometimes they are solid if uninspired adaptations that serve their purpose in evoking ever so slightly that je ne sais quoi that made fans cherish the source material. Occasionally (emphasis on “occasionally”) you get a cartoonist who offers a really interesting, delightful or spirited take on a familiar property (e.g. Carl Barks’ Donald Duck and John Stanley’s Little Lulu). More… “Bots that Go Boom”

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A New Jersey inventor unveiled a $9,000 sex robot at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month, and it’s hard to say who should be more concerned: hookers, man’s best friend, or Elvis impersonators. With her silicone boobs and silicon brain, Roxxxy could eventually put them all out of business.

Granted, Roxxxy doesn’t look like much now, at least based on photos taken at the trade show. Her face exhibits the wrinkle-free alien gloss of, say, Joan Rivers. The angled terrain of her nose and jawline could keep a gaggle of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons busy for at least a year. Her open-mouthed, glassy-eyed gaze projects equal measures of belligerence and defiance, like a Jersey Shore habitué who’s had approximately 10 too many cherry lemonades.

Compared to the Real Doll, another latex helpmate… More…