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  • A Dash of Peri-PeriA Dash of Peri-Peri One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever had the luck of dining in is a Nando’s restaurant in London. Nestled in between London and Southwark Bridges, it has views of the Thames River […]
  • Literary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempestLiterary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempest There is a must read profile of literary Darwinist and mixed martial artist Jonathan Gottschall in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Recounting how his academic career has stalled in the […]
  • Black Tie and StetsonBlack Tie and Stetson Elegant parties were a dime a dozen in Gilded Age New York. If you were in the right social set, you could attend an Europhile black-tie event on Fifth Avenue any day of the week, drowning […]


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