Diane Pizzuto is the art director and managing editor of The Smart Set.


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  • Things Aren’t Grrrrreat!Things Aren’t Grrrrreat! Unemployment remains high. Marijuana is legal in 16 states and Washington DC. Animal Planet broadcasts a mesmerizing cathode drip of cute kittens and killer crocodiles around the clock. […]
  • Barack Obama: The Audacity of HopeBarack Obama: The Audacity of Hope If platitudes had weight, Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope would be impossible to lift off the table. Still, it’s a good book. By the standards of “writings by politicians” it’s in the […]
  • American or Artist?American or Artist? What is so American about Edward Hopper? This is the question I pondered at this huge retrospective of his work in the heart of Paris. There seems to be a Hopper retrospective ever few […]


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