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  • The Dalí ShtickThe Dalí Shtick Salvador Dalí was skating on thin ice. It was a shtick and he was doing his shtick. He would open his eyes wide and give the patented Dalí stare. Surrealism. Granted, Andre Breton was […]
  • Letter From the OmbudsmanLetter From the Ombudsman So I’m just settling into work at my Remington, around 11 am, on a lovely southern New Jersey morning — you know the kind, when dawn’s rosy fingers creep up over the Oyster Creek Nuclear […]
  • College ManifestoCollege Manifesto Until January 27, 1973, all young men were required to register for the Selective Service and were eligible to be drafted into military service. A month after I had turned 18 in 1955, I […]


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