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  • Can You See Me Now?Can You See Me Now? The 19th-century poet Laura Redden Searing, who happened to be Deaf, wrote a story about a lonely bird with crippled wings who comes upon the Realm of the Singing. This bird longs to […]
  • Throw Your Wands in the AirThrow Your Wands in the Air “Don’t worry, ‘muggle’ isn’t a derogatory term or anything. “ But I wasn’t offended by 28-year-old Freya Fridy’s using the M-word that Friday afternoon on the phone, mostly because I had […]
  • Do You Remember the Time?Do You Remember the Time?   Don’t you feel bad that you made fun of Michael Jackson after hearing the tragic news of his death? — TCP To say that I “made fun of Michael Jackson” ignores […]


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