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  • Meet the New BarnesMeet the New Barnes Philadelphia was blazing hot a few weeks ago as I stood at the entrance of the Museum of Art, looking down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The museum’s south entrance rises above […]
  • Say "Fromage!"Say "Fromage!" Surrealism isn't surreal anymore. It doesn't shock or jolt. It isn't confusing or upsetting. If anything, the works of Surrealism have taken on a quaint charm. This would surely have […]
  • Pundits, Moguls, Sachems, and CzarsPundits, Moguls, Sachems, and Czars Did you ever wonder where the odd term “pundit” comes from? Today it refers to talking heads on TV and opinioneering newspaper columnists. But the word derives from the Hindi “pandit,” […]


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