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  • "Bring a Big Knife to School" Day"Bring a Big Knife to School" Day I wanted to buy a bilaawe, a traditional Somali knife. The shopkeeper wanted me to buy a bowl with two figures carved into ebony. The woman leaned over the edge of the bowl, her back […]
  • Shagga Son of Dolf Likes this NotShagga Son of Dolf Likes this Not Shagga glowered, a fearsome sight to see. “Shagga son of Dolf likes this not. Shagga will go with the boyman, and if the boyman lies, Shagga will chop off his manhood.” No, that’s not a […]
  • The Wrath of KhanThe Wrath of Khan   I found myself, at 23, in the land of Chinngis Khan, vodka, and milktea, completely unprepared to teach children. After living in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia for almost […]


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