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  • Literary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempestLiterary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempest There is a must read profile of literary Darwinist and mixed martial artist Jonathan Gottschall in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Recounting how his academic career has stalled in the […]
  • Tube at the TankTube at the Tank In your living room, the broadcast age is over. Remote controls, VCRs, DVRs, on-demand cable, videogame consoles, Netflix, and the Internet killed it. But at the gas pump, broadcast lives […]
  • Where the Women RuleWhere the Women Rule   A man in tattered clothing jumped into the car as the train lurched forward violently, sending him unintentionally crashing into a group of five women near the door. They […]


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