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  • Tales of a Home Shopping EmployeeTales of a Home Shopping Employee It’s my first week of work, and I’m standing in a walk-in fridge that’s bigger than the entire kitchen back in my apartment, blowing hot breath onto my stiff fingers and trying to find the […]
  • Literary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempestLiterary Darwinism, the real Mr. Darcy and Charlie Hebdo tempest There is a must read profile of literary Darwinist and mixed martial artist Jonathan Gottschall in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Recounting how his academic career has stalled in the […]
  • Family TiesFamily Ties Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum makes visitors feel vaguely uncomfortable. An enormous wall of human skulls greets you as you walk in, each with a note listing the name of […]


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