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  • Writing that Sounds like WritingWriting that Sounds like Writing When I mentioned on Twitter that I was reading H Is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald’s recent falconry/grief memoir, a poet I know commented, “That book is so overwritten.” In a way this remark […]
  • The Undiscovered CountryThe Undiscovered Country First Bones died, then Scotty, now Spock. That is, DeForest Kelley, who played Dr. McCoy ("Bones") in the original Star Trek cast, died in 1999, then James Doohan, who played the ship's […]
  • To Whit’To Whit’ American art is dying and being reborn. The death is happening on 75th Street in New York City and the birth is happening downtown in the same city, in what’s known as the […]


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