Diane Pizzuto is the art director and managing editor of The Smart Set.


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  • The Blind Owl and the Underground ManThe Blind Owl and the Underground Man When revolt has no object, it turns on itself, opposing all imagined foes in wanton destruction of imagined barriers. Most apparently since the advent of Romanticism in the late 18th and […]
  • Car PartsCar Parts I have never owned a new car. My first automobile was a Jeep Wrangler, 11 years old when I bought it. It was a fine car, but it had a broken passenger door, and one time someone fell out […]
  • Trying Not to BailTrying Not to Bail At the bouldering gym my instructor was wearing a shell-and-nut necklace. A choker, really. He was ripped and humble like most climbers, with the defined veiny forearms of a heroin addict, […]


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